Where Mind Meets Nature 10th July 2021

On this day we’ll explore where mind meets nature, giving you a chance to slow down in a held space, in a beautiful piece of private woodland in the magical Calder Valley in West Yorkshire.

We will slow to the pace of trees, slow enough to notice where we are, to watch the busy mind, take it from the busy world for one day, and open up to what’s around us.

Combining mindfulness and nature practices, the space will be held to explore a deeper connection. We start with how we each interact with the world, planting our feet firmly on the ground in our own personal experience of ourselves, and our place in the natural world.

Inner and Outer Nature

The inner working of our mind can act to both collaborate and compete with itself, just as the underground networks of plant life and creatures do. We often have thinking patterns that pull us this way and that, (away from natural processes and) into the grip of unhelpful thinking habits. These habits can lead us to being distracted and feeling disconnected. It can be difficult to see clearly when we are living life this way.

Open Up

All it takes is a little time to tune in, to give ourselves a break and let ourselves be.

Our minds can be open, it is possible to reconnect when we see that the only blockage we have to being open is with ourselves. We can work with our natural way of ‘being’, just as easily as being caught up in the thinking patterns that hold us back.

To reserve your place please use this link

To pay £60 for this retreat please use this link


Connecting with Stillness 14th August 2021

The Universe is always moving, and our body and mind are also always active in some way, yet we have this idea of stillness, this something that is unmoving, eternal perhaps.

On this one day retreat we’ll explore the idea of stillness and what it can bring us, when we take ourselves into nature.

Starting with simple, connecting meditative practices and movement, we’ll begin to slow the body down, to open to stillness.

Opportunity to Slow

Life is super-busy and on the face of it, slowing right down can feel impossible, especially when we’re in the thick of it. On this day, we’ll take our time slowing down, and exploring the many ways in which we can tune into our own version of stillness. We will experience this slowing in a natural place, a place where our vibe meets and mingles with the vibe of the woods.


Experiencing the possibility of stillness means opening up to a deeper part of our nature. Opening to both what’s around us, and what lies within – if we can accept the inner and outer as they are, without judgement – we are then connected. That’s where we will be heading on this day.

Find Space

The space will be held for you in an open, non-judgemental way.

If you are willing to be still, to be open, your nature will open up to you. You have all the answers already, you just have to be open to the question “Do I want to be still?” The space you need is there for you.

To reserve your place please use this link

To pay £60 for this retreat please use this link


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