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MoMo Nature!

Nature Connection event on 28th May 2022 in collaboration with Tibetan Kitchen, Chorlton park.


Weekend Retreat 8, 9, 10 July 2022, Hebden Bridge

A retreat over three days near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, limited to 6 places only. This will be a camping only (tent, bivvy or hammock) weekend, with full immersion in the outdoors. Phones will be off (I’ll be the emergency contact) and you’ll have the opportunity to get away from the stresses and distractions of your everyday life. There will be nourishing food, including locally grown produce – communally cooked and hearty conversation and sharing around the camp fire. The space will be held for you to explore what you feel will bring you closer to and change your relationship with the natural world. This starts by bringing you into a relaxed frame of mind, with grounding and connecting practices. The key part of this weekend will be the ‘solo time’ – an opportunity to be alone in a spot of your choosing, where you feel safe, for a prolonged amount of time. This is an opportunity to slow down enough to perceive what’s happening around you in a new way and begin to develop a more wonder-full and child-like your relationship with the natural world. Solo time is a practice very likely used by our ancestors to mark rites of passage or some other significant event and it could also have this function for you. The weekend will leave you feeling relaxed, connected and being more in a place of union with natural surroundings – closer to your nature. Camping and all meals included

Where Mind Meets Nature 10th July 2021

On this day we’ll explore where mind meets nature, giving you a chance to slow down in a held space, in a beautiful piece of private woodland in the magical Calder Valley in West Yorkshire.

We will slow to the pace of trees, slow enough to notice where we are, to watch the busy mind, take it from the busy world for one day, and open up to what’s around us.

Combining mindfulness and nature practices, the space will be held to explore a deeper connection. We start with how we each interact with the world, planting our feet firmly on the ground in our own personal experience of ourselves, and our place in the natural world.

Inner and Outer Nature

The inner working of our mind can act to both collaborate and compete with itself, just as the underground networks of plant life and creatures do. We often have thinking patterns that pull us this way and that, (away from natural processes and) into the grip of unhelpful thinking habits. These habits can lead us to being distracted and feeling disconnected. It can be difficult to see clearly when we are living life this way.

Open Up

All it takes is a little time to tune in, to give ourselves a break and let ourselves be.

Our minds can be open, it is possible to reconnect when we see that the only blockage we have to being open is with ourselves. We can work with our natural way of ‘being’, just as easily as being caught up in the thinking patterns that hold us back.

To reserve your place please use this link


Connecting with Stillness 14th August 2021

The Universe is always moving, and our body and mind are also always active in some way, yet we have this idea of stillness, this something that is unmoving, eternal perhaps.

On this one day retreat we’ll explore the idea of stillness and what it can bring us, when we take ourselves into nature.

Starting with simple, connecting meditative practices and movement, we’ll begin to slow the body down, to open to stillness.

Opportunity to Slow

 Life is super-busy and on the face of it, slowing right down can feel impossible, especially when we’re in the thick of it. On this day, we’ll take our time slowing down, and exploring the many ways in which we can tune into our own version of stillness. We will experience this slowing in a natural place, a place where our vibe meets and mingles with the vibe of the woods.


Experiencing the possibility of stillness means opening up to a deeper part of our nature. Opening to both what’s around us, and what lies within – if we can accept the inner and outer as they are, without judgement – we are then connected. That’s where we will be heading on this day.

Find Space

The space will be held for you in an open, non-judgemental way.

If you are willing to be still, to be open, your nature will open up to you. You have all the answers already, you just have to be open to the question “Do I want to be still?” The space you need is there for you.

To reserve your place please use this link


Under the Surface 16,17,18 October 2020
I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how during these times nature has been a great bolster and inspiration.
I want to share some cool ways I’ve learned which have brought me more into relationship as part of nature, and changed my outlook from feeling sad about how we use nature as a resource to how I can feel part of it and even give back in a meaningful way.
I’ll be sharing practical and accessible ways to connect, whose side effects can be feeling more at ease in general, looking at our resistance and how we often ‘think’ we know better and what a feedback loop that can be. Nature can really help to show us a different way of experiencing things.
I’ll be bringing in the mindfulness work I’ve been training in and teaching, along with nature connection practices I’ve learned and the work I’ve done in local food over the years which has involved building relationships and systems where people work together. We will also explore how to feel like we’re making a difference in the world – and for me that all begins with connection.
There will be time alone in nature and time with others, gently immersing ourselves in a supportive, calming environment.
Please share this with someone you think would like it. I really believe in the need to connect and build connections with nature and others, now more than ever
Suggested price is £150, including food and camping.
Please get in touch
Incredible Nature 19/20 September 2020
This will be happening on the 19/20th September 2020, will be announced once social measures have been updated. Nature connection and permaculture at Incredible Farm in Todmorden. I’ll be co-running this with Mike from Incredible Farm. A great opportunity to spend time on this beautiful permaculture farm, stay over and combine an overview of natural, co-dependent farming techniques with cultivating a deeper connection and attention in your every day. email endlessriverflow(at) to be kept in the loop
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Undergrowth @ Golden Lion pub, Todmorden
Starting December 7th, between 12.30 and 2.30 I’ll be hosting a fortnightly nature connection hang out, meeting outside the Golden Lion pub.
If the weather’s fine we might go out and do some simple nature connection practices but if it’s a bit grim we can go in the pub and chat nature connection experiences, discuss our relationship with nature and see how we can learn from eaech other through hearing others experiences and ideas.
It’s very much an open event – anyone can come.
I want to make this free but if people are interested in donating I won’t say no. What I most want is to be having the conversations, sharing experiences and seeing who else is up for that.
The more I work with people in nature connection the more I see that we all have our stories of connection, our beliefs and ideas about what connection is and feels like. I’m fascinated by this and alwys excited by the conversation and I feel that if we’re all a bit more open about nature connection it will be a lovely vibe to be in.
Hope you can make it.
Nature Quest – September 26-29 – West Yorkshire
Leona Johnson (Live Wild) I will be running a 4 day immersive nature connection retreat for a small group in the woods of West Yorkshire, including a 24 hour solo (time alone in nature) for participants.
For more details and bookings please go to the Live Wild website
June/July 2019
Explore Woods, Skies & the Wild in You
On Friday mornings we will set out to explore West Yorkshire’s lesser known wooded parts, its hills and hollows, waters and skies. The idea is to explore new territory, both outer and inner, sharing and experiencing these places together, reflecting, having time alone and in the group setting, and learning from the stories of others.
Each Friday in July, we will set out at 9.30am and walk into some woods, fields and by water, share nature-based experiences, explore what brought us there, have time to contemplate and return to our lives three hours later, at 12.30 feeling all the more connected and calm for having done so.
This is about giving yourself some time – to relax, to share, to grow. Simply by having time in nature, you are doing yourself a favour. Tuning into the rhythms we evolved with, such as sitting with trees, rocks and other people, can only be good for you. Alan, your guide, will help bring ease so you can experience yourself and the landscape anew.
Thoughts on Nature and Us
“In nature there is no judgement or bias, no good or bad. Everything is open and in some ways, indifferent. I always learn something from this. I often place too much weight or worry on situations and I often forget that, regardless of what happens, I will naturally find balance, even if at one time I’m stressed or worried. My aim is to be ok with everything ‘good and bad’ and be more aware of what I seek emotionally.  There is only one way to be human and that is to judge every situation. As the saying goes “everything will be ok as soon as I am ok with everything.” Nature is this case in point.
We live in a culture which places much emphasis on good/bad, best/worst and we try to say uncertainty is bad and negative, worry is bad and feeling happy and having our needs met is good. In nature we see that it’s only our bias which creates that polarisation. Everything is random, chaos is poetry and we could often do with letting go what we think is true about ourselves and the world. Nature shows me this and I think it can do the same for you. Perhaps that’s why we become so relaxed in nature – we’re dropped straight into chaos and at a cellular level we love it!” Alan
How Much?
This will cost £15 per session.
Please get in touch or 07421 294194 or fill in the from below. Thanks!

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