Things to Do

Nature Quest – September 26-29 – West Yorkshire
Leona Johnson (Live Wild) I will be running a 4 day immersive nature connection retreat for a small group in the woods of West Yorkshire, including a 24 hour solo (time alone in nature) for participants.
For more details and bookings please go to the Live Wild website
June/July 2019
Explore Woods, Skies & the Wild in You
On Friday mornings we will set out to explore West Yorkshire’s lesser known wooded parts, its hills and hollows, waters and skies. The idea is to explore new territory, both outer and inner, sharing and experiencing these places together, reflecting, having time alone and in the group setting, and learning from the stories of others.
Each Friday in July, we will set out at 9.30am and walk into some woods, fields and by water, share nature-based experiences, explore what brought us there, have time to contemplate and return to our lives three hours later, at 12.30 feeling all the more connected and calm for having done so.
This is about giving yourself some time – to relax, to share, to grow. Simply by having time in nature, you are doing yourself a favour. Tuning into the rhythms we evolved with, such as sitting with trees, rocks and other people, can only be good for you. Alan, your guide, will help bring ease so you can experience yourself and the landscape anew.
Thoughts on Nature and Us
“In nature there is no judgement or bias, no good or bad. Everything is open and in some ways, indifferent. I always learn something from this. I often place too much weight or worry on situations and I often forget that, regardless of what happens, I will naturally find balance, even if at one time I’m stressed or worried. My aim is to be ok with everything ‘good and bad’ and be more aware of what I seek emotionally.  There is only one way to be human and that is to judge every situation. As the saying goes “everything will be ok as soon as I am ok with everything.” Nature is this case in point.
We live in a culture which places much emphasis on good/bad, best/worst and we try to say uncertainty is bad and negative, worry is bad and feeling happy and having our needs met is good. In nature we see that it’s only our bias which creates that polarisation. Everything is random, chaos is poetry and we could often do with letting go what we think is true about ourselves and the world. Nature shows me this and I think it can do the same for you. Perhaps that’s why we become so relaxed in nature – we’re dropped straight into chaos and at a cellular level we love it!” Alan
How Much?
This will cost £15 per session.
Please get in touch or 07421 294194 or fill in the from below. Thanks!