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About Alan

Alan worked for many years in the vibrant sustainable, local food sector in Manchester and loved it, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience in food activism; buying, selling and growing organic food and working with some great people.

In 2016, Alan made a decision to change his life. Through making that journey (involving a 600km hike and 100km sea kayak) he began to view life differently and in a more empowered way. It was about taking control – and also – letting go control. He began training with Way of Nature UK which took him on a journey inwards, connecting him to nature through 24 and 72 hour solo vision quests in wild surroundings, as well as other deepening practices.

Alan and his family moved to Italy in early 2017 for more adventures and, 18 months later returned to the UK to live in the West Yorkshire hills where he works part time in local food, writes, teaches meditation, walks and lives with his family.

Alan likes to think that we can do it ourselves and with a little guidance it is possible for anyone to have a deeper experience of life, learn to guide themselves and stay open to beauty and the simple things in life. Through writing his blog and shadow integration work, Alan is always evolving his passion for communication, self-exploration and holding space for others. in January 2021 he qualified as a mindfulness teacher and now teaches the excellent 8 week Mindfulness Based Living Course. He has developed a passion for liberating the mind from oppressive thoughts and mind states and ideas through this brain training practice and is now combining his learnings to bring deeper nature and mindfulness experiences to people, designed for the challenging world we now live in.

Alan is a father, husband, son, brother, friend and passionate connector and space holder.

He regularly sleeps out in the hills in a bivvy bag, enjoying the connection and solace that brings, open to whatever comes.

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