mindfulness work

“The course helped me to reconnect with myself again, find more space to be kind to myself and those around me and be able to notice and break out of negative thought patterns more easily” – Julia

“I have, particularly over the course of the pandemic and the huge amount of pressure and uncertainty, been extremely anxious. This course (and the morning classes – mindfulness with nature connection) has helped me to learn technique to live with that. This doesn’t mean it has disappeared but it is a huge relief. An unexpected benefit of the course is that I have found that I am generally happier and kinder – something there isn’t enough of in the world. I will definitely recommend the course (and Alan as a

teacher) to others and would be interested in other courses with Alan in future!” – Laura

“Alan was very knowledgeable, a good listener, able to answer questions & queries and excellent in guiding us through the practise. Thank you Alan.” – Janet

“I’ve loved it. Thank you! No matter how my weekly practice has gone, the weekly sessions have enlightened and brought positivity and kindness to my week.” – Becky

“I’m surprised at the subtle shifts in my life now that I’m more aware of negative behaviours and ‘self-talk’ that was casting a shadow over my life. I feel like this shadowy weight has lifted, and I wouldn’t want it to go back to where I was before I started the course.” Jude

“Alan is a great teacher who makes everyone feel comfortable by taking the time to listen carefully to what has been said and makes the whole group feel involved. His use of humour along with a strong knowledge of Mindfulness felt like a great way to learn.” Jack

“Course content was really useful, beautifully and gently delivered and at all times felt very held and safe. Alan was very humble and shared that he too is still working on all the things he teaches. I liked that he wasn’t the perfect, enlightened teacher and was so honest and open.” Lorraine

“I found a new confidence with myself when it comes to mindfulness and meditation and that’s thanks to Alan’s gentle way of teaching.” Siun

Nature Connection Work

“Alan was a great guide, through the group meditations and sessions we were unknowingly well primed for the extended sit spot. His ideas were thought provoking but in an open, calm way rather than an overly instructive way, which I think helped us develop our own practice and deepen our personal experience” – Vikki – Under The Surface Retreat

“I would recommend this work to anyone looking to rebalance their lives, to step out of the bustle of the modern world and really look into themselves, with nature as a teacher and witness, to rediscover who they really are. Alan is a skilled guide who is open to using his own personal experiences as a way of teaching what can be achieved with this work. he held the space with calmness and set a pace which me and allowed more space and time for growth and reflection. The Clearing has already had a profound effect on my life and has led to me looking at things with fresh eyes, able to focus more on whatever is important to me.”  – Paul, The Clearing

“Alan is a good talker and an even better listener. He has that calm presence of a good guide and leader that the basics will be taken care of allowing us participants to relax and focus on the activities on hand. Had a hugely enjoyable time in Alan’s company.”     – Tim, Way of Nature Mens Retreat

“I had a great time with Alan. He was very supportive and brought a sense of calm into the group. His exercises gave me a moment to reflect on what motivates me and clarified a direction I want to take things in life. I also really enjoyed his experience with music he brought in and the stories of his past adventures.”  – Kai, Way of Nature Mens Retreat

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