I write…

I am always writing something. From magazine articles to regular newsletters and of course there’s always ‘the next book’…

Writing is an anchor for me and a way of perceiving the world differently. It is a way of learning. Each time I sit down I know I will gain some perspective from what comes out. I’m a fan of journaling, reflective writing I call it, as I know I will ALWAYS gain insight from the written word. It’s another voice.

I have a site where I keep my bits and pieces of writing from years past. alan.creedon@wordpress.com

I write regularly for a magazine https://gardenculturemagazine.com/author/alan-creedon/

and I sometimes write reflective pieces for friends https://www.livewild.org.uk/its-about-time-by-alan-creedon/

I have written and published a book

The Search For Still Waters

It is a journey into connection with land, sea and people…

The Search for Still Waters is a story of the conditions that led me to embark on a life changing adventure to help me acknowledge long-held grief and depression. The book begins with a nostalgic journey from a 1980’s rural West Kerry upbringing, with uplifting descriptions of people and places, to the impact that the birth of a sister with severe cerebral palsy had on the family and the ensuing challenges, which led to my long-held depression and grief – a way of being I finally decided I’d had enough of.

On my journey I encounter repeated psychological and physical challenges (including crossing the Irish Sea by kayak), which pushed me to the edge of my capabilities but also helped me to dig deep and find ways to continue – to face my fears and push through. I met many people along the way with whom I shared my story, felt the warmth and heartfelt support of friends and strangers through which I began to finally accept my past and heal my wounds.

It is a look into the past, giving voice to the everyday suffering of a people who struggled for centuries and had to keep it all in. It is a man expressing honest emotions and showing a willingness to change through openly facing his fears. It is a journey into connection with land, sea and people, a mingling of ideas and ideals, unfurling as the trip progresses through the pages of this honest and insightful book.


The Search For Still Waters

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The Search for Still Waters (Outside the UK)

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