Mindfulness and Nature Connection autumn/winter 2021/22

Two main branches to my work for the coming months.

Branch 1: Befriend Thy Nature

Nature-Focused Mindfulness Training

This is all about meeting you where you are. Connecting to nature starts with how we feel, we don’t necessarily have to be there to begin connecting. It’s more about attitude.

This isn’t a course as such but a way to start bringing attention to the twin world of inner and outer nature. I am always fascinated by how we can interweave the inner with the outer and I feel they are both essential to each other. I often find balance by taking my ‘problems’ into nature and just letting them be. The kind of awareness that doing mindfulness practice brings can help amplify that connection, bringing us closer to nature in every moment.

What the ‘classes’ will look like will be something like this:

  •  I talk a bit about an aspect of nature and combining that with mindfulness – for example: grounding
  • We do a mindfulness practice, guided by me for 20 or 25 minutes.
  • We share and talk about how the experience was for us, perhaps exploring any aspects that stood out.

The idea behind that is by bringing attention to aspects of our experience, we begin to open up to that part of ourselves, which is wanting some attention. There won’t be any digging or delving into your ‘stuff’, it will simply be a gentle exploration of your experience in that moment.

The way I see it, the nature part will fall into place because we are using it as a focus. In my view, everything we experience has some reflection ‘out there’. It’s all talking to us in some way. What I want to do is to help fine tune the listening so we’re hearing what’s coming at us rather than, say, what could be considered as wasting our time on getting stuck in thought patterns.
Or, instead of reading all the above you could just say it’s about being with stuff, just with a little bit more attention. You already have all the answers

The cost is £5 per session and it will last about an hour. To book email befriendthybrain@gmail.com

Branch 2: Befriend Thy Brain

This is an 8 week course designed to get you to a place of acceptance, empathy, compassion and kindness.

Next course starts 1st November and will continue for 8 weeks, every Monday evening 7-9pm.

Through the weeks we explore various practices which will connect you with your direct experience in the present moment, helping you to go beyond doubt, make stronger choices, increase your focus, appreciate the little things, be grateful and let go of long held fears and worries. This is a powerful course.

More info on this page https://endless-river.org/create/befriend-thy-brain/ or email befriendthybrain@gmail.com

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