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Train in Mindfulness – A practical way to learn skills to ground and support you

There currently is a course running till 21st December.

If you want to join this course in future, the easiest way is to sign up to the mailing list https://buttondown.email/endlessriver or email endlessriverflow@gmail.com

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8 week mindfulness based living course – train your brain

I am trained and certified by the Mindfulness Association UK to run this powerful course, which they put together with great compassion. I am also on the BAMBA register, which holds the standard for mindfulness teaching Good Practice Guidelines in the UK. I am fully insured as a mindfulness and nature connection facilitator. These days I also have a nature connection angle with the mindfulness training, so you will also begin to become grounded in nature awareness through this course.

Watch me talk about the superpower that is kindness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK7jUVBzLSo


Next course starts Wednesday 2nd November,6-8pm. running till 21st december.Book your place!

Here’s a rough outline of the 8 weeks, in my own words

Week 1 – Start Where We Are
We ‘stop and listen’ and begin to realise that the mind is a busy monkey, always trying to figure stuff out, worry about the past, plan for the future – anywhere but here! Then we look into how to start settling the mind, through sitting and breathing. 
Week 2 – The Body as a Place to Stay Present
We start to connect to the body, noticing what’s happening within the body, not dismissing anything. Slowly, slowly, we start to tune in.
Week 3 – Introducing Mindfulness Support
We dip into the meditation technique of settling, grounding and resting with support (S,G,R,S) -one of the main techniques we use in learning mindfulness. Again, it’s all about noticing what’s actually happening, rather than trying to stop thoughts or our mind stream. We’ll use sound as a support, i.e. as a way to bring us ‘back’ from the thinking mind.
Week 4 – Working with Distraction
We look a bit more closely at the distracted mind and how it can affect our every day. Can we choose our thoughts? We look at how to support ourselves during meditation using sound as an anchor. We practice distracting ourselves away from thinking, then noticing when thoughts come in. Not trying to change anything, just increasing awareness of the content of the mind.
Week 5 – Exploring the Undercurrent
This week we look take another step into our experience by seeing that we can have our experience of life and also create space for ourselves to ‘step back’ within it all – a very useful space, where we can begin to choose what we focus on, starting to see our way out of reactivity and into considered choice.
Week 6 – Attitude of the Observer
From there we look at how we evaluate our overall experience of our everyday – are we quite harsh with ourselves? Do we judge ourselves? We start to see that we have a choice about this too. We start to see how our attitude plays a big part in how we support ourselves in our every day.
Week 7 – Self-acceptance
We look at how we deal with difficulty and explore practices that can really help support us when things get difficult. We look at how everyone in basically in the same boat – we all have struggles and difficulty but if we accept that fact, things can get a bit lighter – both for us and the people in our lives. 
Week 8 – A Mindfulness Based Life
What’s next? How to keep up a regular practice. Evaluation of our experience of the course and how we’d like to take mindfulness forward into our daily lives.

Feedback for my MBLC teaching

Befriend Thy Brain!

I see training in mindfulness as befriending your brain, or at least giving you the tools to make friends with your every day experience. So many people live in constant anxiety, with a stream of anxious thoughts taking precedence over enjoyment of life. Train your brain in a fun way within a supportive group setting and open up to a friendlier, more grounded approach to life

Benefits of Mindfulness Brain Training Practice

I want to just share a few of the benefits regular mindfulness practice has brought me. Of course, everyone is different and just like nature connection, it will meet you where you need it in your life.

Learn about you: Through the weeks we’ll start to look at the science behind mindfulness and what this brain training consists of and means for you.

Awareness: Mindfulness has helped me become aware of my emotional blocks – where I have stopped myself through doubt and feeling stuck.

Patience and Self-acceptance: Mindfulness is a powerful tool for putting me in the frame of mind of growth – I see how I am, I accept this and I work from that base. I have learned to be kind to myself, especially when learning something new and to be aware of that critical voice inside, which I now meet with kindness and acceptance.

Acceptance of others: When I’m being mindful I see that everyone is just trying their best and doing what they feel is right and this is a powerful base to begin from. It’s a way to tackle damaging judgemental behaviour and takes me away from thinking I know something to being more inquisitive.

Letting go of Conditioning and being open to change: Through engaging in mindfulness practices I have become very aware of patterns of conditioning which can get in the way of what I consider to be progress in my life (finishing projects, not getting in a mood, procrastination) and I have been able to move through these with awareness, not pushing myself or pushing things away. This, in turns bring focus and presence into my every day.

Helping with Stress and Anxiety. This has helped me particularly in my work situation to be more accepting of others and also to manage my workload so I don’t feel like I have to take on lots of things, letting go of what gets on top of me and working more towards a situation which supports me to work in the way I want to, rather than how others might expect me to, or how I judge others expect me to.

I’m sharing these points partly because it’s good to acknowledge myself for what I’ve done but also, I wonder if you too could benefit.

Mindfulness can be a very useful tool for where we find ourselves right now. Global pandemic, extra stress in our lives, which can be difficult to cope with. Mindfulness can train the brain to be ok with what’s happening.

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