meeting your nature

This course is now running and will continue until Thursday 15th December.

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Meeting Your Nature – is an evening course I’ve created, which will start to bring the worlds of nature connection and mindful awareness together for you.

It will be a 6 week online course, taking all the good things I’ve learned and continue learning from – the things that keep me grounded, aware and curious about what’s going on at – what I would call – a Deeper Level.

Through the weeks we’ll explore mind and body and the connection between what we have and who we are, in relation to our experience of both every day life and our relationship with the natural world.

I’ve been making little videos where I talk about it all:

This course is for you if:

  • You are interested in exploring your relationship with the natural world in a deeper way
  • You are curious about the more subtle ways we communicate with and relate to the natural world
  • You are interested in increasing your awareness and choice within your mind activity.
  • You wish for a way to find a more connected, peaceful way of being
  • You feel there is more to life than your work/study/everyday routines
  • You have always wanted to explore this deeper relationship, but in a non-religious, non-dogmatic way.

We will explore elements such as:

  • ways to connect with your mind and body in a grounded way
  • techniques to spend time in nature in a more connected way
  • ways to move your consciousness into natural world awareness
  • eco-anxiety and how to be with it
  • finding the right way for you to connect with the natural world

The price is on a sliding scale, depending on your financial situation, between £150 and £600 for the course

Please get in touch using the form below. thanks!

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