Into the Woods – Derbyshire – 21-23rd September 2018

Into The Woods 21-23rd September 2018 

Leaving the routine behind can work wonders for the imagination, for creativity, connection and clarity.

Let’s go into the woods.

This is an opportunity to step out, slowing to the pace of the earthworm and turning leaf, a time to sit with intention, soaking up all before us with open senses and presence of mind.

On this weekend retreat we’ll set up camp on the wood’s edge on the Friday evening, take in the fresh, Derbyshire air, we’ll gently dive into the woods of Peat Pits and Shining Cliff Woods.

Slow Down 

The key part of these days is the slowing down and relaxing using mindful practices and ancient energy cultivation techniques, sharing experiences and stories around campfires and meals, and having some fun in nature. We will leave refreshed and connected on Sunday afternoon.

Head for the Trees

Woods and forests have always been a source of fascination for us, places of myth and legend from evocative folk tales such as Robin Hood and others, to the dark forests of many fantasy books and films. In traditional stories trees can be wise beings that guide us or tricksters that get us lost. The forest can be our protector or it can be somewhere we are afraid to enter. Whatever is in there for you, this is a chance to go further in, to take time out and explore.

Come and join us in this special neck of the woods, in peaceful, rural Derbyshire, on the edge of the Peak District.

Cost  £155 – this includes all meals, camping and transfers from the nearby town of Wirksworth if needed.

Please email or fill in the contact form for more details or to book.

Photo of Shining Cliff Woods: Credit NottsFPS