befriend thy nature

A 12 part exploration into natural mindful practice and opening up to a better present

In this new course I’ll be bringing together all the exciting elements of the work I’ve been doing for the past several years.

This course sits in self-exploration and self-awareness and most importantly, it’s rooted in the deep and powerful connections we all have with the natural world. It’s about looking at stories, exploring our own and learning from others’.

the natural world just wants us to connect, not feel sorry for it from a distance

Befriend Thy Nature will take you on an exploration of your own mind and connections, physical and emotional, taking you towards a new and more expansive reality, helping you let go of story lines that don’t work for you and keeping you grounded in the natural world throughout

Get yourself ready for the challenges of the reality we now live in, in a compassionate and gentle way.

worrying about the world is not action, connection is action

With diverse teachings from my own encounters in the natural world, ancient and modern cultures and with themes like resistance and acceptance, activism, personal challenge, opening up to the moment and working with fear and anxiety. My learnings come from a diverse number of writers and teachers, from Carlos Castaneda to Tara Brach, Abdi Assadi to John P Milton – people I’ve learned so much from and have helped me dig deep to find peace and connection from within, through opening up to a compassionate, inclusive future for myself and all beings.

Change has to come from within, from facing our own ‘stuff’ and doing ‘inner’ work. The time of standing back and being worried and angry about the world is passing. Change your world and things will begin to fall into place.

This course includes 11 online sessions and a final 2 day retreat in a beautiful piece of woodland with a focus on solo time and deepening connection. It’s a proper journey.

Price is £900 per person. Starts January 2022. befriendthybrain(at)

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