The Clearing – Tuscany – May 2018


22 – 26 May 2018

Jump off the treadmill, head for the woods and after a while you’ll find the clearing, there next to the river. This is a spot where you can stay for a while. Camp on its fringes or find a place hidden in the undergrowth or down by the river. Join us in this experiment combining exploration, nature, people, heart and connection. Decouple from your usual routine and allow some thing new in, in a new place, tucked away in the Tuscan hills. Bring home a priceless souvenir: a deeper connection to yourself and those around you.

You are welcome to:

Get Closer to Nature
On our base in the Tuscan countryside – far from the well trodden tourist path – we will be immersed in wild nature for the duration of this experience. Spending time in nature, both together and alone, Jez and Alan will share practices to help develop your already natural connection with the environment around you. Hiking and wild swimming included!

Get Creative
Take a step out of regular life into the natural environment of our off-grid venue by the river in a stunning rural Tuscan valley. Slow down and breathe…there is no other option here. Explore your creativity with a number of activities which we will have available for you.

Explore Community
We will cook together, eat together and share experiences to inspire and support each other. Exploring the importance of community in modern, everyday life, we will guide you into a deeper understanding of how we can create more, together.

Make Space
Sharing tools to help reconnect you with your true purpose, Jez and Alan will share self-coaching methods that will help you get past doubt and indecision and into a place of creative confidence with your life.

Price £450 per person including camping, all meals, train station transfers and surprises.

Find out some more about your excited hosts Alan and Jez. Please message us through the contact form or call 07568577062 and we will gladly answer any questions.