Forest Bathing Day – 7th May Hebden Bridge

Spending time among trees makes us feel good. But did you know that there are scientifically proven reasons which explain why forest bathing (‘shinrin-yoku’ in Japanese) is so good for you? 

During the 1980s, the Japanese government conducted research into why spending time in forests was beneficial. They concluded that focused time spent in a forest offered a range of benefits including improved blood pressure, concentration and memory. 

They also discovered that time spent in a forest exposes us to something called ‘phytoncides’. These are chemicals naturally produced by trees which have an immune-boosting effect on our bodies. 

Be With The Landscape

When we slow down we see that there is so much going on ‘in the moment.’ This day retreat will bring you that experience – together we will walk within woods, sit in relaxed contemplation, slow down and experience the woodland as never before – literally breathing it in.

For a chance to deeply relax and let go, join me in beautiful woodland near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire for what will be a nourishing day.

Lunch included

Forest Bathing Day


Connecting With Stillness – 11th June – Hebden Bridge

The Universe is always moving, and our body and mind are also always active in some way, yet we have this idea of stillness, this something that is unmoving, eternal perhaps.

On this one day retreat we’ll explore the idea of stillness and what it can bring us, when we take ourselves into nature.

Starting with simple, connecting meditative practices and movement, we’ll begin to slow the body down, to open to stillness.

Opportunity to Slow

Life is super-busy and on the face of it, slowing right down can feel impossible, especially when we’re in the thick of it. On this day, we’ll take our time slowing down, and exploring the many ways in which we can tune into our own version of stillness. We will experience this slowing in a natural place, a place where our vibe meets and mingles with the vibe of the woods.


Experiencing the possibility of stillness means opening up to a deeper part of our nature. Opening to both what’s around us, and what lies within – if we can accept the inner and outer as they are, without judgement – we are then connected. That’s where we will be heading on this day.

Find Space

The space will be held for you in an open, non-judgemental way.

If you are willing to be still, to be open, your nature will open up to you. You have all the answers already, you just have to be open to the question “Do I want to be still?” The space you need is there for you.

Connecting With Stillness


Weekend Retreat 8, 9, 10 July Hebden Bridge

This is one for those of you looking to go a little deeper into nature connection.

A retreat over three days near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, limited to 6 places only.

This will be a camping only (tent, bivvy or hammock) weekend, with full immersion in the outdoors.

Phones will be off (I’ll be the emergency contact) and you’ll have the opportunity to get away from the stresses and distractions of your everyday life.

There will be nourishing food, including locally grown produce – communally cooked and hearty conversation and sharing around the camp fire. The space will be held for you to explore what you feel will bring you closer to and change your relationship with the natural world. This starts by bringing you into a relaxed frame of mind, with grounding and connecting practices.

The key part of this weekend will be the ‘solo time’ – an opportunity to be alone in a spot of your choosing, where you feel safe, for a prolonged amount of time. This is an opportunity to slow down enough to perceive what’s happening around you in a new way and begin to develop a more wonder-full and child-like your relationship with the natural world. Solo time is a practice very likely used by our ancestors to mark rites of passage or some other significant event and it could also have this function for you.

The weekend will leave you feeling relaxed, connected and being more in a place of union with natural surroundings – closer to your nature.

Camping and all meals included

Weekend Nature Retreat 8, 9, 10 July

Starts 12pm on the Friday, finishes 2pm on the Sunday


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