Wild child

I’m lucky to have an adventurous daughter. She shows me things. How to catch frogs and newts, noticing little, natural details around us.

She pointed out snail trails the other day – a network of shiny squiggles on the damp soil. All of these observations tell me something- about her and what’s important to her, and also about me.

When I’m busy I forget. I forget to connect and take notice – of the signs around me, telling me what’s there. I breathe in and know I can rely on my little girl’s noticings – things lockdown has helped her tune into whilst I, as a key worker have been immersed.

It may not have been possible for you to slow down during lockdown but perhaps your kids did, or your parents or friends. We can all learn from their slowing.

I listen to my little girl and hope I pay her enough attention – she shows me the snail trail – the way to slow down and I don’t feel as busy any more

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